New Oysters

This 3 part Elizabethan Round is great for:

  • Teaching mixed metre (5/4 and 3/4).
  • Practising intonation of octave leaps.
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Kodály Analysis:

New Oysters Theme: Food and Drink Games:
Partner: Form: Strophic Song Type: 3 Part Canon
Scale: Major CSP: C - E Age: Middle Secondary - Upper Secondary
Tones: d r m f s l ti d high finalis r high m high f high Rhythm: ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m high d high m high ; f high m high r high d high ; d high d d high ; d f d ; d s d ; d r m f s ; s m d ; s l s ; s d high ; d high ti d high finalis


Origin: Old English
Source: A Collection of Elizabethan Rounds E. Bolkovac

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