A Sailor Went To Sea

This action game is great for when you want to do something active without having to move into a circle or line!

  • Great preparation for beat as children do actions on the words.

  • Start slow and build up the speed:

    • to prepare the concepts 'fast' and 'slow'.
    • for extra fun! (The fourth verse can be a fun challenge when it is fast!)
  • Have students improvise new actions and words!

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Kodály Analysis:

A Sailor Went To Sea Theme: Sea Games: Action ; Word Improvisation
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: CSP: E - G Age: Early Childhood - Lower Primary
Tones: m low s low l low ti low d finalis Rhythm: ; ; ;  
Prep: ti low


Source: My Mini Music Books by David Hooper

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