One-Eyed Jack

  • "One-Eyed Jack" is a fun song that is great for familiarising students with the sound of the harmonic minor scale.
  • With repeated uses of "tum ti" (dotted crotchet, quaver) this is a great song for preparing and practising this rhythm.
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Kodály Analysis:

One-Eyed Jack Theme: Sea Games:
Partner: Form: Verse & Chorus Song Type:
Scale: Harmonic Minor CSP: E - F Age: Lower Primary - Upper Primary
Tones: m low f low si low l low finalis d r m f Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: l low ti low d ; d l low m low ; m low f low m low ; m low si low l low finalis ; l low r l low ; d l low d ; ti low d r m f ; m l low
Prep: Harmonic Minor, ; ; , f low si low
Prac: Harmonic Minor, ; ; , f f low si low



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