We Three Kings (E minor)

This Christmas Carol is generally considered to be of minor tonality. However, while the verse is in minor tonality, the chorus moves to the relative Major.

This beautiful carol works well for:

  • Working in 3/8 metre.
  • Discussing modulation - in this case from natural minor to the relative Major.
  • Teaching quaver rest / eighth note rest in compound metre.
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Kodály Analysis:

We Three Kings (E minor) Theme: Christmas Games:
Partner: Form: Verse & Chorus Song Type:
Scale: Natural Minor CSP: F - B Age: Middle Primary - Upper Secondary
Tones: s low l low ti low d finalis r m f s Rhythm: ; ; ;  
Melodic: m r d l low ; ti low d ti low l low ; l low m ; l low d ; d r m ; m s ; s f m r ; r m r ; ti low r d ; d s low d ; d l low d finalis ; m d
Prep: ; ; ;
Prac: Natural Minor, ; ; ;


Origin: John Henry Hopkins Jr. 1857 Arr. M. McLatchey

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