Cradle Hymn (Melodic Dictation)

‘Cradle Hymn (Melodic Dictation)’ worksheet begins with exercises to prepare students for dictating the melody of the song.

STEP 1: Answer questions while listening to the song. (If you have students who struggle with dictation, these questions may help. By giving students specific elements to listen for, the dictation becomes more achievable.)

STEP 2: Students are directed to fill in the missing solfa to help focus on selected intervals from the song before needing to write notes on the staff in step 3. (After hearing the melody, students can fill out the tone set individually, as a class, or you can tell them the notes.)

STEP 3: Fill in the missing notes on the staff. (Selected notes are included to assist students in writing the melody).

  • Answers are provided.

  • This is a useful worksheet for practising the melodic elements ‘low mi' and 'low ti’.

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Kodály Analysis:

Cradle Hymn (Melodic Dictation) Theme: Spiritual Games:
Partner: Form: Binary Song Type:
Scale: Natural Minor CSP: E Age: Lower Secondary
Tones: m low s low l low finalis ti low d r m s Rhythm: ; ; ;  
Melodic: l low d l low ; d l low s low ; s low d ; d l low s low m low ; m low s low l low finalis ; m low d ; d r m ; m s ; s m r d ; l low ti low d ; d m low
Prac: m low ti low



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