The Cat Came Back (Unison Choir)

Relax, have fun and enjoy making music with your choir as you sing 'The Cat Came Back' for unison voices with piano.

The arrangement alternates between straight and swing styles, contrasting the story of the difficulties the cat experiences with the humourous chorus where the cat just keeps coming back.

Your download includes:

  • Title page
  • Score (melody + piano)
  • Melody
  • Lyric sheet
  • Demo melody + accompaniment audio file (no voices).
  • Demo melody audio file (no voices).
  • Demo accompaniment audio file.

Conductor's notes:

  • Range - an octave.
  • A great opportunity for singers to experience and understand swung and straight styles!
  • The verses can be sung with long, legato phrases to convey the hardships the cat is enduring. The chorus can be sung in a more lively style.

Copyright and Licensing:

We love to create and inspire with music! By purchasing this resource, the copyright holder, gives you permission to:

  • Distribute unlimited copies to your students and musicians.
  • Unlimited performances of this choral work regardless of audience numbers.
  • Perform for competition, not-for-profit events and profit events.
  • Distribute audio and video recordings of performances to friends of your school / choir provided acknowledgement is made of the Arranger, Miriam McLatchey and the copyright holder
  • Upload video and recordings of performances provided acknowledgement is made of the Arranger, Miriam McLatchey and the copyright holder
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Origin: Traditional Lullabies Arranged by M. McLatchey

Included FREE

The Cat Came Back A humourous song with 6 verses included for choral work.

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