Lullaby Medley

Inspire your choir with this unison arrangement of 6 beautiful lullabies which entwines major and minor tonalities.

Your download includes:

  • Score (melody + piano)
  • Melody
  • Lyric sheet
  • Demo melody + accompaniment audio file (no voices).
  • Demo melody audio file (no voices).
  • Demo accompaniment audio file.

Conductor's notes:

  • Range - an 11th.
  • If you find the 'A' below middle C, (in the 'D' section of the song), too low for some or all of your choir, a middle C can be substituted.
  • Breath control, including staggered breathing where necessary, will help to achieve beautiful, legato, sustained phrases.

Copyright and Licensing:

We love to create and inspire with music! By purchasing this resource, the copyright holder gives you permission to:

  • Distribute unlimited copies to your students and musicians.
  • Unlimited performances of this choral work regardless of audience numbers.
  • Perform for competition, not-for-profit events and profit events.
  • Distribute audio and video recordings of performances to friends of your school / choir provided acknowledgement is made of the Arranger, Miriam McLatchey and the copyright holder
  • Upload video and recordings of performances provided acknowledgement is made of the Arranger, Miriam McLatchey and the copyright holder
  • You may not share these choral resources with other teachers, schools or conductors. Rather direct them to
  • You may not post or otherwise make MySongFile resources available on any website.
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Origin: Traditional Lullabies Arranged by M. McLatchey

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