Phil The Fluter's Ball (A Major)

This 'humorous story in song' is great for:

  • Singing melodic thirds (m'd, r't; ld', tr') and broken tonic triads (dms and smd).
  • Preparing and practising the melodic element 'ti' (there's no 'fa' in this song).
  • Working with anacrusis and discovering how each phrase essentially has it's own anacrusis.
  • Singing an octave (from d to d')

Historical notes are included!

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Kodály Analysis:

Phil The Fluter's Ball (A Major) Theme: Irish Games:
Partner: Form: Verse & Chorus Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: C - E Age: Lower Secondary - Middle Secondary
Tones: d r m s l ti d high finalis r high m high Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m r d ; d d high ; d high ti l s ; s l ti d high ; d high m ; d high l s ; s m r ; d high r high m high ; m high d high r high ti d high ; d high ti l s ; l d high ti r high d high finalis ; s m d ; d high m high ; l r high s ; s d high ; d m s ; m d high
Prep: Verse & Chorus, , ti
Prac: Verse & Chorus, ti


Origin: Irish Folk Song Lyrics Percy French (1854-1920) Music: Based on the melody of 'Delaney's Donkey'.

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Phil The Fluter's Ball (C Major) An Irish Folk Song with a humorous story.

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