Rattlin' Bog

  • A humorous, cumulative song (kids love these)!
  • A great song for preparing and practising the melodic element 'fa'.
  • The rhythm 'tim-ka' can also be prepared and practised with this song.
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Kodály Analysis:

Rattlin' Bog Theme: Irish Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: A Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: s low l low d finalis r m f s Rhythm: ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m r d ; d l low s low ; s low d ; d r m ; s low s ; s f m ; m d finalis ; d r d ; d m ; d m s ; s f m r ; d s low
Prep: , f
Prac: , f


Origin: Irish Folk Song Arr. M. McLatchey

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