All The Pretty Little Horses

This beautiful lullaby is great for:

  • Working with a lovely long 'too' (minim / half note) sound.
  • Singing scalic passages in natural minor.
  • Teaching the rhythmic element 'tum ti'.

This song is very similar to 'Hush-a-bye'.

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Kodály Analysis:

All The Pretty Little Horses Theme: Lullabies Games:
Partner: Form: Ternary Song Type:
Scale: Natural Minor CSP: D - E Age: Early Childhood - Upper Primary
Tones: m low s low l low finalis ti low d r m f s Rhythm: ; ; ;  
Melodic: l low m ; r d r ; r s ; s f m r d ti low l low finalis ; l low m low ; m low s low l low d ; d s
Prep: Natural Minor,
MC: Natural Minor,
Prac: Natural Minor, , f ti low


Origin: American Folk Song
Source: Songs in Action

Included FREE

Hushabye A beautiful lullaby in natural minor.

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