Known And New Number 2 - Recognise - Dictate - Compose

This worksheet practises a range of skills using the songs "Are You Sleeping / Frere Jacques" and "Chicken in the Fencepost".

Questions 1 and 2 - students will clap the first two lines of a known, but unidentified song and figure out the name of the song. They will then complete the rhythm of the song. How they complete it will depend on how confident your students are and how well they know the song. They could independently finish the song, or it could be treated like a dictation and the teacher or a confident student could clap the remaining lines one at a time. Having written the remaining rhythm, students then analyse the form.

Question 3 - students compose their own rhythm, choosing first their form and then using that form to create a rhythm using ta, ti-ti and tika-tika. (Crotchet, quavers and semiquavers / quarter note, eighth notes and sixteenth notes.)

Question 4 - working with a partner - students take turns dictating each others rhythm, analysing the form and reflecting on something they like about their partner's composition.

N.B. The analysis of the RHYTHM only. If you were to analyse the rhythm with the melody, the formal analysis may change.

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Kodály Analysis:

Known And New Number 2 - Recognise - Dictate - Compose Theme: Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: CSP: Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: Rhythm: ; ;  


Origin: M. McLatchey

Included FREE

Are You Sleeping French Version of this song is 'Frere Jacques'
Frere Jacques (2-4) An age-old French folk song!
Chicken in the Fencepost Students love this double circle game written in extended do pentatonic.

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