Chicken In The Fencepost - 3 parts for pitched percussion or recorders

A three part instrumental arrangement of "Chicken in the Fencepost", suitable for pitched percussion or recorder.

The grace notes in this arrangement are used to depict the "bawk" or "cluck" of a chicken. The use of them is fairly conservative in this arrangement. You could experiment with using a lot more to capture the sound of a farmyard full of chickens!

The grace note, (in this case an "acciaccatura" or "crushed note") is to be played ever so slightly before the main note. To achieve this on a pitched percussion instrument, raise both hands above the notes to be played, now raise the hand that plays the main note higher than your other hand. Drop both hands at once. Because the higher hand has further to travel, it will come down slightly later.

Please note:

  • You can use any instruments which have a range of at least one octave in C Major to play parts one and two. Part 3, (the melody) needs a full C Major octave, plus a high D.

  • There is a free sound file for this song which has all three parts played together. Also available for download using credits or a subscription are practice tracks of each of the parts playing solo (louder) with the other parts playing softly.

  • Your download includes a PDF of the score and a PDF of each individual part.

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Origin: Arrangement Miriam McLatchey

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Chicken in the Fencepost Students love this double circle game written in extended do pentatonic.

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