Turkey In The Straw (Version 1)

This well-known American folk song is useful for:

  • Singing with a wide range of notes.
  • Working with 'fa' and 'low fa'.
  • Working with the rhythms 'ti tum' and 'syncopa'.
  • Improvising country dance style moves in the chorus while the rest of the class keeps a strong beat.
  • Singing solfa in the echo (whistling) passages.
  • Reading notes on ledger lines.
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Kodály Analysis:

Turkey In The Straw (Version 1) Theme: Humour Games:
Partner: Form: Verse & Chorus Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: A Age: Upper Primary - Middle Secondary
Tones: m low f low s low d finalis r m f s l d high Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m r d finalis ; d s low ; s low m low f low s low ; s low d ; d r m ; m s ; s m d ; s f l ; l f ; l d high ; d high s
Prep: f low
Prac: ; , f f low


Origin: American Folk Song
Source: The All-Year-Long Songbook

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Turkey In The Straw (Version 2) A fun thanksgiving song with easy rhythms (or you can do it all year round)!

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