This is a traditional Polynesian echo song. The leader sings one line and a group echos the words and melody.

'Tongo' is a work song - sung to keep momentum and moral high, they are typically sung with a strong beat to help everyone row in time with each other.

This song is useful for:

  • Teaching the melodic element 'low la'.
  • Working with 'ties' in different rhythmic contexts.
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Kodály Analysis:

Tongo Theme: Multicultural Games:
Partner: Form: Call & Response Song Type: 2 Part Harmony
Scale: do Pentatonic CSP: E - F Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: l low d finalis r m s l Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ; ;  
Prep: l low
MC: l low
Prac: ; , l low


Origin: Traditional Polynesian
Source: CHORUS: The Puffin Colony Song Book

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