The Wild Colonial Boy (Version 2)

This song (with the included historical context and explanation of words in the song) provides a fascinating insight into the life of an Australian bushranger.

  • This is a useful song for preparing and practising rhythms in 6/8 time.
  • The melodic elements 'fa' and 'ti' can be practised with this song.
  • The rhythmic element 'tie' can be practised with this song.
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Kodály Analysis:

The Wild Colonial Boy (Version 2) Theme: Australian Games:
Partner: Form: Ternary Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: B - C Age: Upper Primary - Middle Secondary
Tones: s low l low ti low d finalis r m f s l Rhythm: ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: s low d ; d r m ; m r d ; d m ; r l low ; l low d ; d ti low d ; d s ; m s l ; l s m d ; d f ; f m r ; r s ; r s low ; l low m ; m r d finalis
Prac: f ti low


Origin: Australian Folk Song
Source: Folk Songs For School, Home, Camp, Anywhere

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The Wild Colonial Boy This song (which is in 6/8) tells the story of an Australian outlaw

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