Slavonic Humming Round

This traditional Slavonic melody is great for:

  • Singing in up to 9 parts! (There are 18 entry points to starting this round, however, due to the repeats, by the end there will only be 9 parts.)
  • Teaching the rhythmic element 'too' (minim/half note) to older beginners.
  • Preparing and practising the melodic elements 'ti' and 'low ti'.
  • Experimenting with dynamics. Discuss how when a phrase is repeated in music, the second phrase will often be performed louder or softer. Try this in unison and in canon and consider individually, in groups or as a class which options are the most musical.
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Kodály Analysis:

Slavonic Humming Round Theme: Music Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type: 4 or more Part Canon
Scale: Natural Minor CSP: B - D Age: Upper Primary - Middle Secondary
Tones: s low l low finalis ti low d r m l ti Rhythm: ; ;  
Melodic: l low ti low d r m ; m l ; l m ; m r d ti low l low finalis ; l low d ; d ti low l low s low ; s low d ; l ti l
Prep: , ti ti low
Prac: , ti ti low


Origin: Traditional Slavonic

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