O Little Town of Bethlehem - F Major

This beautiful Christmas carol was written in 1868.

A fantastic opportunity to teach:

  • the melodic element "ri" (sharpened "re")
  • the rhythmic element "tum-ti"
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Kodály Analysis:

O Little Town of Bethlehem - F Major Theme: Christmas Games:
Partner: Form: Binary Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: F - A Age: Middle Primary - Middle Secondary
Tones: s low l low ti low d finalis r ri m f s l Rhythm: ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m ri m ; m s f ; f l low ; l low r ; d ti low d ; r s low ; s low m ; m l s ; d m r d finalis ; m r d ti low l low ; l low ti low d r m ; l low l ; l s d
Prep: , ri
MC: , ri
Prac: , ri


Origin: Lewis H. Redner & Phillips Brooks
Source: Exploring Music 3; Holt, Rinehart and Winston

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