Nightingale (The)

  • A great song for teaching some of the easier rhythms in 6/8 time. (There is an anacrusis).
  • Written in extended do pentatonic scale.
  • Practise 'high do', 'high re' and 'high mi' with this song.
  • There are some large intervals in the song - great for a more challenging melodic dictation!
  • A terrific song for practise pitching 4ths, 5th, 6ths and octaves!
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Kodály Analysis:

Nightingale (The) Theme: Love Games:
Partner: Form: Ternary Song Type:
Scale: do Pentatonic CSP: A - C Age: Upper Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: d finalis r m s l d high r high m high Rhythm: ; ;  
Melodic: d s d high ; d high l s ; d m s ; s r d ; d d high ; d high r high d high r high m high ; m high s m ; m s d high ; s r d finalis
Prac: ; ; , d high m high r high


Origin: Kentucky Folk Song
Source: Just Five

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