Monsters ta and ti-ti (Odd One Out)

Monsters ta and ti-ti (Odd One Out)
  • Children can have fun practising rhythm reading and recognition with this simple 'pick the odd group out' worksheet.
  • Great practise for 'ta' and 'ti-ti'.
  • This one has cute monster pictures that early finishers can colour in!
  • To make it extra challenging, you could have students shut their eyes and clap each group to have them find the different group. This turns the activity into aural and memory work!
  • Can your students also discover which picture is different!?
Kodály Analysis:
Monsters ta and ti-ti (Odd One Out) Theme: Halloween Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: CSP: Age: Lower Primary
Tones: Rhythm: ;  
Prac: ;


Monsters ta and ti-ti (Odd One Out)

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