L'il Liza Jane

  • This song works as a partner song with 'Great Big House In New Orleans'!
  • This is a terrific song for teaching the melodic element 'high do'.
  • The first half of the song can be used to teach the rhythmic element 'syncopa' or the whole song can be used to prepare and practise the rhythms 'syncopa' and 'tum ti'.
  • The first 'L'il Liza Jane' can be sung as an ostinato through the song.
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Kodály Analysis:

L'il Liza Jane Theme: Games:
Partner: Form: Binary Song Type:
Scale: do Pentatonic CSP: E - F Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: d finalis r m s l d high Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m r d finalis ; d m s ; l s m s ; d d high ; d high s l s
Prep: ; , d high
MC: d high
Prac: ; , d high


Origin: American Folk Song
Source: Catch A Song www.dominie.com.au

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