Land Of The Silver Birch (2-4)

This beautiful Canadian folk song is wonderful for:

  • singing in the la pentatonic scale.
  • preparing and practising 'ti-tika' (last line of the song).
  • teaching the rhythmic element 'syncopa'.
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Kodály Analysis:

Land Of The Silver Birch (2-4) Theme: Nature Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: la Pentatonic CSP: C - D Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: l low finalis d r m s l Rhythm: ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: l low m ; m l low ; l low m l ; l s l ; s m d ; d r m ; m d l low ; l low d l low finalis
Prep: la Pentatonic, ;
Prac: la Pentatonic, ;


Origin: Canadian Folk Song
Source: My Mini Music Books by David Hooper Arr M. McLatchey

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