Ida Red (Composition)

By working with the melody of 'I Like the Flowers', this worksheet gives structure to the following aspects of writing a composition:

  • writing lyrics
  • adding rhythms
  • writing the composition on the staff.

Without actually writing a melody in this worksheet, students are developing knowledge and skills towards composing with this step-by-step, 5 page worksheet.

You might like to print this worksheet back-to-back. There are five pages plus a sixth page with extra staff lines if needed.

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Kodály Analysis:

Ida Red (Composition) Theme: Colours Games: Word Improvisation
Partner: Form: Binary Song Type:
Scale: Pentatonic CSP: D Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: d finalis r m s l Rhythm: ; ; ;  
Melodic: d m s ; l s m r ; m s l s ; m r d finalis
Prep: Pentatonic
MC: Pentatonic
Prac: Pentatonic, , r



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