I See The Moon (Stave Reading on lines)

  • I find this worksheet for "I See the Moon" is very versatile and can be used in many ways.
  • This worksheet is useful before using notes on the stave. I find it prepares students for the concept of notes written on the stave as they follow the melodic contour of the song.
  • This one can be used to show the "copy cat" nature of do, me and so. Ie if one is on a line, they are all on lines.
  • The rests are shown by a faded moon.
  • By using full moons, this activity sheet can be used to add stems
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Kodály Analysis:

I See The Moon (Stave Reading on lines) Theme: Sky Games: Action
Partner: Form: Ternary Song Type:
Scale: Tritonic CSP: A - C Age: Early Childhood - Middle Primary
Tones: d finalis m s Rhythm: ; ;  
Melodic: s m d ; d s ; s m s ; s d finalis
Prep: , d
MC: d
Prac: , d


Origin: English Children's Song
Source: www.KodalyDownloads.com.au

Included FREE

I See The Moon Can make up actions to fit the words "I", "see", "moon" and "bless"

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