I Love Holidays

  • "I Love Holidays", is a great alternative song to Christmas Carols if you teach in a school where you are unable to sing Carols.
  • A useful song for teaching the rhythm "too" (minim).
  • Try improvising new words for activities students can do during holidays!
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Kodály Analysis:

I Love Holidays Theme: Holidays Games: Word Improvisation
Partner: Form: Strophic Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: A - C Age: Early Childhood - Middle Primary
Tones: r m f s l ti d high finalis Rhythm: ; ; ;  
Melodic: d high s ; l s f ; f l ; s r m ; m d high ; l d high ; d high ti d high ; s d high ; d high l f s ; s ti d high finalis
Prep: , f
Prac: , f


Source: Clare Bonner

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