I Had A Little Nut Tree

This lovely English Folk Song is great for:

  • Working on air support with our singers. They will need consistent air to produce a beautiful legato line for the high 3rd from A-C (at the end of the 1st and 3rd lines) and the low 3rd from D-B (at the end of the 2nd line).
  • Teaching the rhythmic element 'tum ti' (dotted crotchet, quaver / dotted quarter note, eighth note).
  • Discovering the Major and minor 3rds.
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Kodály Analysis:

I Had A Little Nut Tree Theme: Nature Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: C Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: ti low d finalis r m f s l d high Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: d r d ; d m s ; l d high ; d high s ; s f s ; s m ; r f ; f r ti low ; ti low d ; m l ; l f ; f m r d finalis


Origin: English Folk Song
Source: https://www.bethsnotesplus.com/

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