Go To Joan Glover

This 4 part canon can be used to prepare and practise:

  • 6/8 time
  • the rhythmic element 'tim-ka-ti'
  • the melodic elements 'fa' and 'ti'
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Kodály Analysis:

Go To Joan Glover Theme: Love Games:
Partner: Form: Strophic Song Type: 4 or more Part Canon
Scale: Major CSP: C Age: Upper Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: s low ti low d finalis r m f s Rhythm: ; ;  
Melodic: s low d ; d r m ; m s ; s f m r d ; d ti low d finalis
Prep: , f
Prac: , f


Origin: Deuteromelia, 1609
Source: 150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching; Boosey and Hawkes

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