Flash Cards (Melodic natural minor)

  • I use these flash cards to practise notes in the natural minor scale (la, ti, do, re, mi, fa, so and high la).
  • You can have students sing or play each melodic flash card as a class, in small groups or individually for assessment purposes.
  • I like to print each set of flash cards on different coloured cardboard so it's easy to keep each set together.
  • Singing through some flashcards is a great way to get the sounds ltdrmfsl' in students' heads before a melodic dictation!
  • Game idea: place a selection of cards around the room. As the teacher or a student plays one of the melodies, the students need to stand near the card that was just played!
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Kodály Analysis:

Flash Cards (Melodic natural minor) Theme: Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: Natural Minor CSP: C Age: Upper Primary - Middle Secondary
Tones: d r m f s l ti l high Rhythm:  
Prac: Natural Minor, f ti


Source: MySongFile.com

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