drmsl (Melodic Dictation - Stick Notation)

This worksheet guides students through the process of completing a melodic dictation.

  • First students sing through some exercises to get the sounds 'drmsl' in their heads!
  • Then students are given step-by-step instructions to help them complete the dictation.
  • For any students who finish early, staff lines are provide so they can write out the melody.

INCLUDED: 1 worksheet and 3 different answer sheets! Select a melody to do with your class, or do all three for extra practice!

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Kodály Analysis:

drmsl (Melodic Dictation - Stick Notation) Theme: Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: Pentatonic CSP: Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: d r m s l Rhythm: ; ;  
Prac: Pentatonic, , r


Source: MySongFile.com

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