Double Double This This

This partner clapping game is great for:

  • Having fun!
  • Gradually getting faster (accelerando).
  • Working with ta and ti-ti (crotchets and quavers / quarter notes and eighth notes) with young children through to older beginners.
  • Teaching 4/4 time.
  • A brain break!
  • Partner clapping games are fantastic for working on social skills, working with a partner, making eye contact etc.

Video clips are available on youtube to see how the game is played.

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Kodály Analysis:

Double Double This This Theme: Humour Games: Partner ; Clapping
Partner: Form: Song Type: Rhyme
Scale: CSP: Age: Early Childhood - Lower Secondary
Tones: Rhythm: ;  
Prep: ;
MC: ;
Prac: ;


Origin: Traditional Clapping Game

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