Doggie Doggie (Beat Sheet Black and White)

  • You can use "Doggie Doggie" to prepare and practice the rhythmic elements "ta" and "ti-ti" and the melodic element "la".
  • Each line of dogs for this workseet for "Doggie Doggie faces a different direction to reinforce the question and answer form of this song.
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Kodály Analysis:

Doggie Doggie (Beat Sheet Black and White) Theme: Animals Games: Circle
Partner: Form: Question & Answer Song Type:
Scale: Tritonic CSP: F - B Age: Early Childhood - Lower Primary
Tones: m finalis s l Rhythm: ;  
Melodic: s m s ; s m l ; s m finalis
Prep: ; , l
Prac: ; , l



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Doggie Doggie Students love this game circle guessing game!
Doggie Doggie (Beat Sheet Colour) Practise for question and answer form.

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