Cuckoo Where Are You (Stave Writing)

  • "Cuckoo Where Are You? - Stave Writing" is a page with 2 lines of stave and pictures to make it visually appealing.
  • Students can draw in their own clef or work without a clef.
  • No starting note is written in giving teachers the option of where they would like their students to start.
  • The melody can be written with or without the rhythm.
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Kodály Analysis:

Cuckoo Where Are You (Stave Writing) Theme: Animals Games:
Partner: Form: Call & Response Song Type:
Scale: Bitonic CSP: F - C Age: Early Childhood - Lower Primary
Tones: m finalis s Rhythm: ;  
Melodic: s m finalis ; m s
Prac: ; , m s



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