Cool Bananas

This fun 2 part canon features:

  • Some chromaticism ('fi' [sharpened 'fa'] and 'low si' [sharpened 'low so']).
  • The rhythmic element 'ties'.
  • Bars of rest (1 bar rest in two different parts of the song - great for working on keeping the beat the same even in silence!). You can teach 'whole bar rests' with this song.
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Kodály Analysis:

Cool Bananas Theme: Humour Games:
Partner: Form: Strophic Song Type:
Scale: CSP: F - A Age: Lower Secondary - Middle Secondary
Tones: s low si low l low ti low d finalis r m f fi s l Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: m d m f ; fi r fi s ; l s f m ; f m r d ; s low si low l low ti low d finalis
Prep: , fi si low
MC: , si low
Prac: , fi si low


Origin: M. McLatchey

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