Christmas Tree (Compound Time Signature no1)

This appealing worksheet is designed to practise:

  • 6/8 metre (time signature)
  • 9/8 metre (time signature)
  • 12/8 metre (time signature)

Rhythms featured are:

  • tum (dotted crotchet / dotted quarter note)
  • sum (dotted crotchet rest / dotted quarter note rest)
  • ta ti (crotchet, quaver / quarter note, eighth note).
  • ti-ti-ti (3 quavers / 3 eighth notes)

Question 1 - students discover which rhythm is 'the odd one out' then write in the time signature.

Question 2 - students add a '6', '9' or '12' to complete the time signature of given rhythms.

Question 3 - in this practical question, students have a range of difficulty levels to choose to complete. They range from clapping /tapping in 1-2 parts, performing ostinati and composing short melodies with given rhythms.

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Kodály Analysis:

Christmas Tree (Compound Time Signature no1) Theme: Minibeasts Games:
Partner: Form: Song Type:
Scale: CSP: Age: Middle Primary - Middle Secondary
Tones: Rhythm: ; ; ;  



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