Charlie Over The Ocean

This is a fun circle, running (or fast walking) song that is a favourite of many of my students.

It's also great for:

  • Teaching the melodic elements 'low la' and 'low so'.
  • Teaching the easier rhythmic elements in 6/8 such as 'ti-ti-ti'; 'tum' and 'ta ti'.
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Kodály Analysis:

Charlie Over The Ocean Theme: Sea Games: Circle
Partner: Form: Binary Song Type:
Scale: Pentatonic CSP: F - A Age: Middle Primary - Lower Secondary
Tones: s low finalis l low d r m Rhythm: ; ;  
Melodic: d r m ; m d ; d l low s low finalis ; s low d
Prep: ; ; , l low s low
Prac: ; ; , l low s low


Source: Music In Preschool Used with permission

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