Burney Bee - Comprehensive Beat Sheet

This comprehensive beat sheet has been designed in collaboration with a speech therapist.

This beat sheet can be used to:

  • Practise a steady, unchanging beat.
  • Feel the rhythm of the song.
  • Experience the natural rhythm of language.
  • Support students as they establish their speech in controlled patterns.
  • Bring focus to rhythm and beat practise or speech practise by keeping time on the beat pictures. The teacher and/or the student can keep time on the pictures as appropriate.
  • Singing songs or using rhymes helps students relax while they learn, while the pictures help them focus.
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Source: MySongFile.com

Included FREE

Burney Bee A rhyme for practising beat and having fun!
A Charm To Cure Hiccups - Comprehensive Beat Sheet A beat sheet showing where the beat falls in relation to the lyrics.

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