Beautiful Dreamer

This beautiful song was written by Stephen Foster who also composed 'Oh Susanna' and 'Camptown Races'.

This song can be used to:

  • Teach 9/8 metre.
  • Work with variations of ternary form (A, A variant, B, A, Coda).
  • Teach the melodic element 'di' (sharpened 'do').
  • Teach the rhythmic element 'tie' in compound metre.
  • Work with large intervals, perfect 5th, minor 6th, minor 7th, octave.

N.B. Singing these intervals cleanly, in the legato style of the song, will take consistant air support from your choir or class!

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Kodály Analysis:

Beautiful Dreamer Theme: Love Games:
Partner: Form: Ternary Song Type:
Scale: Major CSP: C Age: Lower Secondary - Upper Secondary
Tones: ti low d finalis di r m f s l ti d high r high Rhythm: ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: d high ti d high ; d high s m ; r di r ; r l ; s ti l ; l s f m r ; m d high ; f m r d finalis ; d s ; s f r ti low ; ti low l ; s m d ; d d high ; d high l r high d high ; d high l s ; s d high ; m l ; l ti d high
Prep: , di
MC: , di
Prac: Ternary, , di


Origin: Stephen Foster (1826-1864)
Source: World's Greatest Songs

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