Alligator March - Flash Cards Rhythm

Some ways to use these flash cards:

  • Have students clap, tap or sight-read the rhythms on a percussion instrument. You might also like to have students say the rhythm names (ta, ti-ti, tika-tika).
  • Have students arrange the cards in the correct order. This can be done as a class, or give one flash card each to 4 different students and those students need to put themselves in order, then hold up their cards for the class to clap back the rhythm to check they are in the correct order.
  • Encourage individual performance by giving 4 students a card each to clap.
  • Great practise for the rhythmic element 'tika-tika'.
  • To have students guess the song the flash cards are for, use the set WITHOUT pictures, have the song in order and have your students clap the rhythm and figure out the name of the song.

Included in your download is one set of the flash cards with a picture on each card to represent the song. Also included is a set of the flash cards WITHOUT the picture. This set can be helpful for students who need reduced stimulus.

  • An audio file is also included - this can assist if you leave a task with flashcards with a relief teacher, or if you want your students to independently check their work!
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Alligator March A fun rhyme and chasing game - great for working with tika-tika

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