Alleluia (William Boyce)

This beautiful canon is fantastic for:

  • Singing long, legato phrases.
  • Preparing and practising the melodic element 'fi'.
  • Working with ties with older learners.

William Boyce (1710-1778) composed during the later part of the Baroque Period and Early Classical Period. His compositions began in the Baroque style. Towards the end of his life he started bringing in Classical techniques, however, he didn't have much opportunity to hear Classical music before his hearing deteriorated. Consequently his work did not develop further in the Classical style.

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Kodály Analysis:

Alleluia (William Boyce) Theme: Music Games:
Partner: Form: Strophic Song Type: 3 Part Canon
Scale: CSP: A - C Age: Middle Secondary - Upper Secondary
Tones: d finalis r m f fi s l ti d high r high m high Rhythm: ; ; ; ; ; ;  
Melodic: d high ti l s ; s l ti d high ; l s f m ; m f s ; s d finalis ; d m d ; d s ; s r s ; r high ti s ; m d high ; d high m high ; m high r high d high ti l s ; l fi s ; s m d ; d d high ; d high r high m high
Prac: fi


Origin: William Boyce (1710-1778) English

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