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On the Search page, what do 'Prep', 'MC' and 'Prac' mean?

‘PREP’  stands for ‘prepare’, ‘MC’ stands for ‘make conscious’ and ‘PRAC’ stands for ‘practise’. 

‘PREP’  stands for ‘prepare’.  As teachers we can prepare our students understanding of a musical element by teaching a range of appropriate songs containing that element before we teach them the theoretical name of the element.

‘MC’ stands for ‘make conscious’.  This is where as teachers we discover and name the musical element we have previously prepared.  It is important to choose carefully the song we discover the new element in to ensure there are not too many unknown elements in the song that will confuse students.

‘PRAC’ stands for ‘practise’.  Once an element is named, it is important to practise it in a variety of different songs and contexts to reinforce the new concept. 

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