My Song File' aim is to support the Kodaly community and assist teachers with their music resourcing.  If you would like to have a link to My Song File on your website, or would like us to include a link to an online music resource or website, please contact us.

Crescendo Music Education is developing a site aimed at supporting music teachers. There are free downloads available right now in various categories, and if you like them, there are many, many more available for an annual membership of $50. New worksheets, teaching ideas, original clip art, games, repertoire....are being added weekly.
Butterfly Music

Butterfly Music provides music of faith and fun for children. Supplying a range of CDs, DVDs and print music, the mission of Butterfly Music and Andrew Chinn is to provide quality resources to enhance the teaching of Religious Education and to create and perform music to enhance the celebration of God’s life in schools and parishes.

SLKE Campus Virtual is the Official e-Learning Web of the Kodály Society of Spain (SLKE) specialized in on-line courses for Teacher Training in the fields of Kodály Method, Music, Dance, Ballet and Performing Arts. All courses are approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education through the agreement between The Liszt-Kodály Society of Spain (SLKE) and the Government of Spain.