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Do you include composition in your teaching repertoire?

Perhaps you have thought your students are too young? Structured composition activity sheets can address this by showing the student how to break down a problem into manageable tasks - an essential problem solving technique!

Start with an existing rhyme and compose a new rhythm. Or analyse the form of a rhyme as a basis for writing a new rhythm. Apply a melody using solfa and finish by singing or playing on an instrument. There are many ways to approach composition, with different techniques for creating rhythms, melodies and lyrics.

Composition activities can be tailor-made for your class by including additional rhythmic or melodic choices for your students to use. In this way composition activities can be made easier or more challenging to meet the musical knowledge of the class.

They can also answer the challenge of keeping students engaged, and give you a break! Give your students a composition worksheet and enjoy a moment while they engage the musical process...independantly! This promotes pride and ownership in their work, and is excellent for creativity and self-expression.

Print off these ready-made composition activity sheets for your classes, or use them as a basis for your own ideas.

FREE Composition Worksheets

  • Queen Queen Caroline (Composition Template) In this composition worksheet students analyse the form of a given rhyme, use the same form to write a rhythm using ta and ti-ti and add solfa ('so' and 'mi') to their rhythm to compose a melody.
  • Frere Jacques (Composition) By working with the melody of 'Frere Jacques', this 5 page worksheet gives structure to other aspects of writing a composition, such as writing lyrics, adding rhythms and writing the composition on the staff.
  • Christmas Has Arrived (Composition) Students will use the C Major Scale to compose their very own Christmas song with this composition worksheet!
  • See A Pin And Pick It Up (Composition) A step-by-step composition worksheet which guides students through writing a melody to a given rhyme.
  • A Charm To Cure Hiccups Use this rhyme as the basis for your own composition worksheet.
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I Like The Flowers
I Like The Flowers A step-by-step worksheet designed to develop skills required for composing.

Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Nimble A composition worksheet guiding students through choices of form, rhythm and melody.

Two Four Six Eight
Two Four Six Eight Students will analyse the form of the rhyme, use the same form to write a rhythm using ta and ti-ti, and add solfa to compose a melody.

Ida Red (Composition Worksheet)
Ida Red (Composition Worksheet) Compose your own lyrics to the melody of 'Ida Red'!

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