Ice Breakers

Featured on Sunday 14 February, 2016

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Happy students learn better

A friendly, affirming classroom, where students trust each other and participate, is a great environment for learning. As teachers, we know we need to constantly encourage our students this way. Whether it's introducing a new student to the class, focusing students at the start of a lesson or drawing shy students out of their shell, these free ice-breakers have proven to help...

Hello, my name is...

As teachers, we all know how important it is for us to know our students’ names. But it is equally important for the students to know their peers' names! I often pull out songs from my 'learning students’ names collection' whenever a new student starts at school to help them learn their classmates names. And using students' names in songs is also a great way to make sure everyone has their own ‘special moment’ during class!


I use ‘greeting’ songs as a vital part of my lesson routine. My students quickly learn that by the time I have sung our first song twice, they are to have everything they need for the lesson (books, worksheets, pencils etc.) and have found their place and be joining in. With active songs like ‘Say Hello to You’ they are keen to get organised quickly so they don’t miss out on the fun!

Build confidence

There are SO many benefits to singing games! I find games with props (like ‘Pass the Shoe’) are fantastic for engaging students interest. They also help students who are shy gain some confidence, as it gives them something other than their nerves to concentrate on! I also love singing games that have opportunity for simple word and action improvisation (like 'Here We Coming A-Walking') for encouraging creativity in a non-threatening environment. Go to and scroll down to 'Singing Games' for more.

Free supporting resources!

You'll find some free resources that help in these areas below. But they're only free for a limited time, so get them while they last!