Composition Worksheets

Featured on Sunday 16 August, 2015

Structured composition activity sheets show the student how to break down a problem into manageable tasks - an essential problem solving technique!

Start with an existing rhyme and compose a new rhythm. Or analyse the form of a rhyme as a basis for writing a new rhythm. Apply a melody using solfa and finish by singing or playing on an instrument. There are many ways to approach composition, with different techniques for creating rhythms, melodies and lyrics.

Composition activities can be tailor-made for your class by including additional rhythmic or melodic choices for your students to use. In this way composition activities can be made easier or more challenging to meet the musical knowledge of the class.

They can also answer the challenge of keeping students engaged, and give you a break! Give your students a composition worksheet and enjoy a moment while they engage the musical process...independantly! This promotes pride and ownership in their work, and is excellent for creativity and self-expression.

Print off these ready-made composition activity sheets for your classes, or use them as a basis for your own ideas. FREE for a limited time!