1. Who was Zoltán Kodály?

Zoltán Kodály was a prominent Hungarian composer, educator and ethnomusicologist.  Kodály had a vision for a musically literate nation.  Along with several other musicians and educators he developed a child-based sequential music program that revolutionised music in Hungary and has inspired teachers around the world.

2. What is the Kodály Method?

The Kodály Method is a child-based sequential music program designed to develop children’s love for music along with the skills they need to be able to read, sing and play music as fluently as they can read words.

3. I have bought a song, how do I access it?

When a song is bought, it is added to your personal online song file.  Whenever the song appears in your search results (and you're logged in) you can then download the full song.

4. On the Search page, what is the musical element 'Partner Song'?

'Partner Songs' are two different songs that can be sung at the same time.  Using Partner Songs is another way to practise part work.

5. On the Search page, what does 'finalis' mean?

Finalis is the last note of the song.  The finalis can be helpful in determining the tonality of the song.  It is used in conjunction with a selected tone.

6. On the Search page, what do 'Prep', 'MC' and 'Prac' mean?

‘PREP’  stands for ‘prepare’, ‘MC’ stands for ‘make conscious’ and ‘PRAC’ stands for ‘practise’.