About MySongFile.com

In preparation for music teaching I (Miriam) compiled a file of songs that was rigorously cross-referenced to enable me to search for songs that would enable me to teach any particular musical element my classes needed to learn.  I could search for rhythms, melodic elements, forms, games, themes, canons in 2-4 parts, songs in parts and more.  The system was fantastic – until it came to adding more songs which was something of a painful process!

While dutifully adding to my song file one day, my husband was witnessing my labours and shaking his head realising there was a better way.  That was the day MySongFile.com was conceived.  A database of songs – thoroughly cross referenced and able to be shared with music teachers across the world.

We are hoping to make this site as useful as possible.  Finding the right song at the right time (for the right price) is often difficult.  If you have suggestions of what you would like to see on the site please contact us. More songs are being added fortnightly as our aim is for the site to be as comprehensive as possible.

The My Song File Team

Miriam McLatchey

BMus/BEd, A.mus.A (clarinet), A.mus.A (piano)

I’m a primary school music teacher in the Toowoomba area.  (Toowoomba is Southern Queensland, Australia).  I first became interested in the Kodály Method while studying music education with Judy Johnson and James Cuskelly at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.  Graduating in 2004 with first class honours, I began teaching in Stanthorpe.  For four and a half years I taught primary and secondary music and Italian before getting married and moving to Toowoomba.  I currently teach music at two primary schools in the Toowoomba area and teach clarinet and piano privately.

  Miriam McLatchey

Graham McLatchey  


I’m a computer programmer who lives and works in the Toowoomba area.  I graduated from Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Mechatronics from the University of Southern Queensland in 2004 with first class honours.  I then progressed to study robotics as a PhD candidate at USQ.  For the last ten years I have worked at I.T. Works in Toowoomba as the principle software developer.  I really enjoy playing trumpet and passed grade 8 AMEB in 2009 with honours.

 Graham McLatchey